Our Story

Not Your Ordinary Cafeteria

More Than a Cafeteria… We at Lunch Basket bring you gourmet style cuisine in a convenient setting. First established in Rockville, MD, Lunch Basket, from the beginning, has strived to thrive by meeting our community’s demand for high quality, fresh, and nutritious food served conveniently and affordably at workplaces. Our priority first and foremost is to serve quality food options to our neighborhood of Montgomery county workers and to be a place where hardworking people can catch a break to recharge throughout the workday. Our mantra is to be “More Than a Cafeteria” for a reason. We believe what we serve and how we serve distinguishes us from other dining providers and gives us the excellent reputation of being a beloved workplace meal joint.


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Our Story

Lunch Basket Cooking

Mr. Park Jin Hee and Mrs. Park Mi Soon, the founder of Lunch Basket and the chef, started a Japanese restaurant in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Lunch Basket oil
Moved to Washington, DC

Opened a cafeteria at the American Pilot Association building in Washington D.C.

Lunch Basket Now

Since 2001, they have put all their love and dedication into making Lunch Basket at the Montgomery hospice building in Rockville the best dining place for the community.


Our Partners

We are glad to offer our visitors high-quality burgers and pizzas, but we also believe our whole business couldn’t be successful without our partners.

What we serve

Lunch Basket sets a different standard to what we serve. Keeping in mind the demand for health conscious foods that don’t just fill your belly but provide sufficient nutrients to your health, we focus on supplying enough variety into our menus that satisfies workers with various diet goals. This means including vegetarian/ vegan choices, gluten free options, and organic selections of produce. We provide meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with cuisines in American, Italian, and Oriental styles. All food is prepped daily by our chef, a decorated career cook who’s worked in kitchens around the world, along with his team of professionals. When we promise gourmet food, we mean it. All bread at Lunch Basket are freshly baked everyday as well as our roasted turkey that we prep daily. In addition to our hot cooked options, we offer a plethora of green, fresh, and healthy options for fully well balanced meals.

How we serve

Lunch Basket has been able to build meaningful relationships and foster connections with the communities that we serve by meeting familiar and new faces everyday. Because we know the faces that walk into our place, we do our best to source responsibly, to maintain sanitary levels in our kitchen, and to give personable exchanges. Also, we realize the needs of the hardworking people that we serve in EOBs (Executive Office Building) which is why we prioritize timeliness, friendliness, and professionalism of our service. An expansion of Lunch Basket’s capabilities to do catering service, take out service, and order online was created to better respond to the demands of our customers. Our staff of dedicated professionals are proud to say that we receive high customer satisfaction feedbacks from treating our community well.

Freshly baked and roasted daily

All of our sandwiches at Lunch Basket come with freshly baked bread from the day’s morning and daily roasted turkey. Paying attention to such details allow us to guarantee you quality delicious food. With strong basics in place, you can choose to build your own sandwich to fit your dietary preference or choose from one of our tasty signature recipe sandwiches. We offer choices for vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, and people sensitive to gluten.

Lunchbasket Bread
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